Pham Sewing is a USA sewing manufacturer operating out of Seattle, Washington with over 23 years of experience, established in 1992.  Family is important to us and we are pleased to introduce ourselves as the PHAM family.  Long term relationships with our customers is the key to our success.  With our commitment to unsurpassed quality and integrity, we are proud to deliver the authenticity and consumer value of Made-in-USA sewn products.

Our highly skilled sewing professionals have sewn an array of products from bulletproof vests to kites to products made from recycled materials.  With the combination of our diverse skills and our dedication to excellence, we maintain high standards of quality and high level customer satisfaction.  We create and support opportunities to add value for our customers by rapidly completing project schedules and achieving cost effectiveness through lean manufacturing.  Learn how to become a part of the PHAM family.

Our Community

Seattle Made

“The mission of Seattle Made is to grow and support a diverse ecosystem of urban manufacturers and producers that expand opportunities for local ownership and meaningful employment, build our region’s long-term resiliency, and celebrate Seattle’s unique cultural identity.”

Seattle Good Business Network

“Our purpose is to connect and inspire people to buy, produce, and invest locally, so that everyone can have a meaningful stake in our local economy.”

Maker's Row

“Our mission is to make the manufacturing process simple to understand and easy to access. From large corporations to first time designers, we are providing unparalleled access to industry-specific factories and suppliers across the United States.”


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