Manufacturing FAQ

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What is a tech pack?

A tech pack is one of the most crucial tools in developing your product; the blueprint of how your finished product should look and how it should be made.  All essential elements of your design are described in your tech pack making the communication process more efficient between you and your manufacturer.  Manufacturers reference the tech pack as a concrete guideline, making sure no aspect of your design is overlooked.  The more detailed a tech pack is, the less room there is for error.

What should be included in my tech pack?

  • Technical drawings
  • Specification sheet – measurements
  • Build of Materials (BOM) – colorways, trim, hardware, labels, etc.
  • Patterns/Markers

Remember this is the tool for manufacturers to translate your idea into an actual product.

What is the importance of quality patterns and markers?

Patterns are the technical backbone to the manufacturing process and have the utmost control over the quality of a product.

Pattern making is a highly skilled practice which calls for technical ability, a practical understanding of soft goods construction, and interpreting a design proficiently.  Employing an experienced pattern maker is fundamental.

The costs of services are based on the type of work, the degree of difficulty, the time needed to generate the pattern, and the cost of materials.